• Image of Claude Larson // Plantlife (1984)
  • Image of Claude Larson // Plantlife (1984)
  • Image of Claude Larson // Plantlife (1984)

Claude Larson is the pseudonym of the German electronic musician Klaus Netzle. Born on April 26, 1926 in Munich, Netzle went on to study classical composition, and became a prominent staple in German library music recordings.

In 1979 Klaus Netzle began working with Peter Vogel's newly-developed Fairlight CMI, which allowed any sound to be sampled, played and arranged. Throughout the late 70's, 80's and early 90's of electronic music, Larson pioneered various types of synthesis (Wavetable, Modular, FM etc..) into a staggering discography photo-realistic soundscapes, and is considered a forerunner of today's conventional sampling techniques.

Fiat LX is proud to re-issue Claude Larson's "Plantlife", one of our favorite releases from the 1984 "Sonoton" music library.
"Plantlife" is a perfect balance of Claude Larson's detailed synth programs and expressive playing style, matched with the romantic and playful krautrock infused jazz compositions of John Fiddy & Mac Prindy. "Plantlife" is an ideal initiation into the vast landscapes of "Kosmiche" library music.

*All songs have been Remastered from the original Sonoton Master Tapes

*The original release had ending variations to certain songs, which have been included

* Cassette shell is grass green with crimson red padprint, inserted in to a white Norelco case with full art double sided J-card

* Cassettes come with a digital download encoded at 320 kbps (Lossless upon request), a 4x6 photo of inner J-card, stickers, and other mysteries

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